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​​Business description

Production of strengthened seedlings/Development of agricultural materials

Application of plant-microbe symbiosis network analysis technology. By controlling the underground plant-microbe symbiotic network, we will develop seeds and seedlings with enhanced stress resistance such as diseases and pests, and develop agricultural materials that surpass chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Ecosystem analysis (commissioned research)

Elucidation of unknown functions and dynamics in ecosystems using plant-microbe symbiosis network analysis technology and microbiota dynamics analysis technology. Structural control and functional modification of microbiota such as activated sludge and fermented microorganisms to develop new businesses that utilize new functions of microbiota, solve problems with existing technologies by optimizing microbiota dynamics, and treat diseases in agriculture and forestry We will elucidate the mechanism and develop control methods.

ecosystem redesign

Based on plant-microbe symbiosis network analysis technology, field survey/observation know-how, microorganism collection, etc. are utilized. Considering regional characteristics, we propose ecosystems that make use of local resources. Supporting SDGs advanced and high value-added agriculture and forestry management by inducing the proposed ecosystem using core symbiotic microbial inoculation technology used for producing reinforced seedlings. We aim to improve land profitability by inducing highly profitable ecosystems to land with low profitability.

* “Ecosystem redesign” is a term coined by our company. While analyzing the structure and value of the “existing ecosystem”, we set the “desirable ecosystem” with backcasting thinking, and scientifically means to induce

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